insurance and loan protection

Life Events and Loan Servicibility

Everyday life events can impact your ability to meet your loan repayments. As part of responsible lending,
I have a duty to ensure you have the capacity to service your loan without undue hardship. I take this obligation seriously. It’s about protecting your way of life. It’s important that you consider how you would meet your loan repayments if you lost your job or suffered a serious injury, illness or even death.


How would you cope? – Would you:

  • Use savings
  • Use super
  • Family would assist
  • Rely on partner’s income
  • Sell home or other assets
  • Not sure?

insurance and loan protection
insurance and loan protection

What is Loan Protection?

Part of our service is to ensure our clients are aware of their loan protection options and I will raise this with you. It is important that you take time to evaluate your circumstances as many people can be left exposed to unnecessary risk. A Loan Protection Plan is designed to help ensure your family; home and your lifestyle are protected in the event you are unable to service your loan repayments.

Full Range of Other Insurance Services : When we say one stop shop we meant it! Whatever your insurance requirements, we can arrange it for you.

insurance and loan protection
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insurance and loan protection
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