Make Your Super Savings Work For You!

In very uncertain times Individuals like you and me have to be prepared to protect our savings in our superannuation. The uncertainty and proposed changes being pushed is a catalyst for the eroding of value in our super.

Many have paid exorbitant fees and continue to pay unrealistic fees to hold employee savings in super as determined by employers and in doing so we have lost control and will be the victim. The fees collected by funds is 30 billion a year, on average an individual will pay approx $3500 pa so if you do the maths over the time of your employment this is a huge outlay for very little return.

Before it is to late take control and set up your own fund to avoid unreasonable fees and losses due to bad investment decisions made on your behalf. Remember fund managers are playing with your funds so it does not hurt their pockets for poor analysis and investments.

Think smart and be prepared, there are plenty of quality asset classes you can invest into with the savings you have accrued without borrowing and with borrowings.  furthermore you can make your own decisions based on your risk appetite and save on annual fees.

We have just concluded our research on positive outcomes with minimal risk in quality asset class. to know more please contact us.


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